Have The Kardashians Been Cut From The Met Gala Guest List This Year?

As this year’s 2023 Met Gala rolls around, fashion enthusiasts are itching to find out who will be attending and what everyone invited with be wearing. For years, the Kardashian clan has been invited and is well known for not disappointing in the glamourous look department.

According to Page Six, Anna Wintour is cutting down on the invite list this year. Rumour has it, the Kardashians will not be invited to the event. Page Six has asked for a statement on the matter but received no response from Vogue. Although, an alleged source close to the Kardashian family has denied these claims.

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Khloe Kardashian mentioned on an episode of Hulu’s ‘The Kardashians,’ that she had turned down invitations to the Met Gala in prior years. She followed up with this statement by saying, “I’m not big on red carpets. I think I’ve made that very clear.”

The ‘Marilyn Dress’ Drama

Flashback to last year’s Meta Gala, Kim Kardashian wore the famous ‘Marilyn Dress’ which caused quite an uproar online. The Marilyn Dress was the same dress that Marilyn Monroe wore while serenading John F. Kennedy.

The reason why people were so enraged by this was due to the fact that the dress did not fit Kim. According to Forbes, the dress was tailored to specifically fit Marilyn at the time. In order for Kim to fit in this dress perfectly, she went on a strict diet and forced herself into the gown.

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Fashion-goers were concerned that due to the force induced, the iconic dress would be damaged. At the time, Kim defended herself for being so adamant about wearing the dress to the event.

Twitter users got online while the pictures dropped to express their devastation over this.

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