Love is Blind‘s Trevor’s ex-girlfriend reportedly took to social media to shed some light on the pair’s relationship following his recent appearance on the hit Netflix show. 

Trevor Love is Blind Girlfriend 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @michelletok, Trevor is in hot water after his alleged ex took to social media to share some updates on the pair’s relationship. As noted in the video, Trevor was exposed for being in a serious relationship when he went to leave to film LIB. His ex- Natalia, a fitness influencer- supposedly sent text messages to @therealityashley and recently answered some questions about him on her Instagram stories.

Allegedly, Natalia says Trevor “ghosted” her for 7 days approximately 3 weeks before the show aired. He then reportedly broke up with her when he returned home from work 2 weeks before the latest season aired.

Trevor Love is Blind Girlfriend Instagram

Was Trevor just looking for reality TV fame? Natalia also alleges that Trevor already filmed Netflix’s Perfect Match Season 2.

Natalia also claims that Trevor reportedly tried to call her recently before “everything came out.” She allegedly blocked his number because she was scared of the potential backlash and prior threats he allegedly made towards her. He also allegedly blocked her on Instagram recently.

Trevor has seemingly not come forward to address these claims but what are your thoughts on these allegations?

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Image credits via @michelletok TikTok