Viewers are rooting for Brett and Tiffany to tie the knot in the latest season of Netflix’s Love is Blind– will these two make it down the aisle?

CAUTION: New Love is Blind Episode Spoilers Below!

Brett and Tiffany are one of the couples from this season of Love is Blind that viewers are really rooting for. The duo first met in the pods and instantly felt a connection with one another. Their journey has played out on Netflix and the latest episodes have dropped chronicling their experience in the real world as an engaged couple.

Is Brett and Tiffany Still Together from Love is Blind?

During a conversation in episode 9, Brett says Tiffany is “amazing.” Throughout the series, the two seemed absolutely smitten with one another and were one of the more confident couples in the show in regard to being hopeful about making it down the aisle.

As mentioned here, a teaser trailer for the show shows the two crying at the altar, which could either be a good or a bad sign. Apparently, the stress of wedding planning became “too much” for Tiffany which has viewers worried about the duo’s future. Another flag viewers are worried about is when Brett can be heard saying, “This should be a day of no surprises. This should not happen.”

Although we haven’t seen these two make a decision on Netflix yet, according to this article, Brett is following a few of Tiffany’s friends on social media which is a good sign- we think! We’ll have to see what happens when the rest of the shows play out but we’re rooting for these two, for sure!

What does Brett from Love is Blind do?

Brett is reportedly a photographer.

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