Are Justin and Hailey Bieber getting a divorce? TikTok thinks so!

According to this TikTok video by user @arielareeder, there is a rumor going around that Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are allegedly getting divorced later this year around September 2023.


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Justin and Hailey Drama

The TikToker states that if you are from Canada and you have criminal charges against you, you allegedly can’t get a work visa to the USA. The TikToker claims that if he is from Canada but makes his money in the States then he can’t apply for a work visa so he can sell all of his Masters or get married. Justin was reportedly found guilty of assault and careless driving back in 2015, according to Clerk Jakki Wiseman of Stratford, Ontario, as mentioned in this article.

The TikToker continues by stating that Justin allegedly rekindled with Selena years ago just so he could get married and still work in the USA. This rumor alleges that Selena said no to Jusitn’s proposal which is why he moved on with Hailey and the two got engaged and married so quickly.

Justin and Hailey Wedding Date

People are alleging that the two will get divorced later this year because in order to get US Citizenship after getting a Green Card in the US after being married is 5 years. Since the duo got married in September of 2018, that would mark 5 years of the couple being together.

There is no evidence stating that the above is true but people are alleging that the pair will get divorced later this year due to these claims.

What do you think- will Justin and Hailey last?

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