Did Justin Bieber cheat on Hailey with Bella Poarch? 

HOLR is breaking down the alleged news that os circulating on social media.

Justin Bieber and Bella Poarch

According to this TikTok, Justin allegedly wanted to cheat on Hailey with Poarch.

Check out the information being discussed in the below video:


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The TikTok video by @arielareeder is stitched with a blind item from fellow TikToker, @thekylemarisa, which alleges a cheating scandal between the two stars.

It’s been alleged that Justin wanted to cheat on his wife with the TikTok star. Justin reportedly got in touch with Poarch to promote his music, allegedly citing that he wanted to collab in order to make his music more relevant on the platform. As mentioned in the TikTok video above, apparently, after the two met, the project stalled because Poarch reportedly felt “uncomfortable” knowing that Justin was married and declined the offer to work together. This is after she reportedly “discovered the real agenda” for the collab.

This cheating rumor has not been confirmed by either party so for now it’s just that- a rumor.

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