From an early age, many people come to love water. It could be a baby splashing about in a bath, or an older child playing in a swimming pool. As the years go by, a person may end up fishing or scuba diving. They may even go on watersports’ holidays, or take up surfing.

When a couple has children, they frequently need to adjust their holiday activities. After all, if the kids are happy everyone will be happy. This article has been designed to cover some of the most popular water activities with children in mind. It should give you some exciting ideas to consider this coming summer. 


This activity has been performed all the way back to the times when the Inuit people used kayaks for hunting and travel. These days, many families love to take out single paddlers and tandem kayaks for some fun on the river. It’s a simple and enjoyable activity for everyone and can be done alongside other water activities. 

Fortunately, the internet contains a rich resource on the subject. The specialists at say many people are searching online for inflatable or sit-on kayaks, and those designed for fishing. The public wants to gain access to helpful articles on kayak safety and life vests, as well as kayaking for beginners. They want to know how to transport their kayak, and to discover the health benefits involved.


This is an obvious yet inexpensive option for people to consider. It can occur anywhere, from a swimming pool to the open sea. It’s a great non-impact sport that provides a full-body workout. It benefits our hearts and lungs, making us stronger and toning our bodies. 

Swimming also enables kids to get the energy out of their systems! It can be a vital life skill for children to lose any fear of water, and to learn to swim. Many holiday resorts and swimming pools offer swimming lessons for the uninitiated. 

When you go to the seaside, make sure the children are constantly supervised. Don’t let them get swept out to sea by any large waves. Make sure they only swim at a safe distance, too. 


Whilst this may not sound like a high-octane activity for younger children, they may still enjoy it. Both boys and girls may want to ‘fish like daddy’ and to learn to use their own rod. If the weather is nice they will enjoy soaking up the sun and enjoying the local scenery. No doubt there will be some excitement when the first ‘catch and release’ occurs. 

As long as you have permission to do so, you can bring your equipment anywhere from ponds and rivers, to the ocean.


There are many clubs and organizations operating to train children to use these. They may feature anything from a school day trip to taster sessions or a whole week of training. It’s a happy sight when a family goes canoeing along the rivers or canals. The children will be wearing their protective clothing and enjoying all that they see and do. 

It’s essential that children are confident in the water before they begin.  

Kids generally need to be able to swim for 50 metres unaided to fully go canoeing.


This exciting activity has been practised for thousands of years in such places as South America. As with all water sports, safety lies at the heart of everything. Children can usually be trained if they are older than age 6 and confident at swimming. Learners may begin in water that is waist-deep. 

People can try taster sessions with skilled trainers. It requires at least a week’s training for someone to get ‘up and running’ with the activity. 


Some people are in the fortunate position of being able to afford expensive boats. For the rest of us, a dinghy or small catamaran may be more viable. It’s possible to rent these in some locations. Families would normally begin training on rivers and lakes, rather than heading for the sea. 

If a child is over the age of 8 and an independent swimmer, you could head over to a sailing centre for lifejackets and training. 

There are many more fun activities to think about, including waterskiing and whitewater rafting. Also checkout wakeboarding, kneeboarding and bodyboarding. Whether it’s playing Marco Polo in a swimming pool or something a little more challenging, the whole family can get involved in some good old-fashioned family time – plus they may get fit in the process!