Find out what are the travel essentials that you need to pack to have an amazing backpacking trip through paradise in Southeast Asia.

Backpacking through Southeast Asia can be the adventure of a lifetime, and a great way to travel while exploring the culture and location. Best to prepare for an adventure like that so it can be the best trip possible.

Good Travel Backpack

Obviously the main part of the trip, I cannot stress enough you do not want to skimp on this item. A bad travel backpack will easily ruin a trip and hurt you while you carry your load anywhere. If you’re backpacking it’s a good idea to have a backpack that fits the needs you have.

Water Bottle

Often forgotten, but having a water bottle can feel life-saving in the oppressive heat on some days. Even if the water gets hot, just having it will make your quality of life drastically better and greatly ease any difficulties while you explore paradise. Just try not to leave it out under the sun.

Bug Spray & Sunscreen

You do not want to forget this. It is hot, and there are bugs everywhere, being eaten alive while having your skin burned is not a desirable fate, so don’t forget either item and pack loads – you can always purchase more when you get there, but it’s always better to plan ahead, even one day without can ruin the next week.

Rain Cover & Dry Sacs

It’s called a tropical rainforest for a reason, it will rain, and it will rain a lot! Though often short and pleasant, having wet clothes or things that can’t get wet getting wet, will obviously hurt the trip’s experience a lot. Make sure when you go out, that you and the things you bring can survive the rain.

Warm Clothes

Even though it’s supposed to be a tropical paradise, strong winds or long bouts of rain can bring temperatures below comfortable, making warm clothes a very welcome addition – don’t be scared, you generally only need to bring one pair as more often than not you will be enjoying the warm sun.

Hiking Shoes

Another purchase you don’t want to skimp on when backpacking, you will be traveling a lot as you explore Southeast Asia. Having good shoes that are comfortable after a day’s walk, doesn’t give blisters, and will stay in good condition throughout the trip is a blessing.

Sturdy Daypack

With everything you bring, having a separate bag to bring on your day trips will make those little excursions a whole lot more enjoyable. Bringing only as much as you need will lighten your load a lot and allow you to enjoy the fun activities you have whilst in paradise.

Bathing Suit or Quick Dry Towel

And because you’re in paradise, why not take a dip in the warm water! Bringing a quick change of clothes or a quick-dry towel will let you experience those fun moments of spontaneity or a planned day at the beach.

Plug Converter

Every place is different and several types of outlets are used throughout Southeast Asia. It’s good to plan ahead when knowing where exactly you are going and what they use, and bringing the right converter. It’s best not to lose access to your information bank for a prolonged period of time or forgoing your chance at capturing the perfect moment just because you have to conserve battery life.

Travelling Information (Apps or Pamphlets/Guides)

Whether this is on your phone on an app, or going old school bringing paper. Knowledge is power, and power provides ease of life, especially in the tropics. Make sure you’re armed with the knowledge you need so you can enjoy your journey rather than stressing about how to get from one destination to another.

Travel Essentials

Last on our list is travel essentials. We’re talking toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue scraper, floss, deodorant, shampoo, period products (to those it applies), razors, nail clippers, Q-tips, combs/brushes, and for those who wish to add a little style, makeup products. Even packing a roll of toilet paper is a good idea, as you never know when you might need it.

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