Bella Hadid Palestine Dior Controversy

Luxury fashion brand Dior has recently sparked controversy by allegedly replacing Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid, with Israeli model May Tager in their latest ad campaign. This decision has led to the trending hashtag “Boycott Dior” on social media platforms. However, these claims have not been substantiated and fashion account Diet Prada quickly shut them down.

Diet Prada stated that “multiple sources within LVMH have confirmed” that Dior has not parted ways with Bella Hadid who has been vocal of her support of Palestinian people but criticized for perpetuating anti-Semitic tropes.

Did Dior Replace Bella Hadid with May Tager?

The controversy began when reports of Bella Hadid’s replacement were first reported in the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak. This news led to a heated debate on social media as many expressed concerns about Dior’s decision to part ways with Hadid, who had represented the brand since 2016.

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May Tager, a 24-year-old Israeli model with an impressive list of international brands in her portfolio, appeared in some Instagram posts that suggested her involvement in Dior’s new holiday campaign.

Bella Hadid, who is of Palestinian descent, has been very vocal about Palestinian rights and has used her celebrity status to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause. Her public silence following a Hamas attack and Israel’s subsequent military actions in Gaza drew criticism, and she later explained that she had received death threats, prompting her to speak out in support of Palestine.

This is not the first time Dior has faced pressure to sever ties with Bella Hadid due to her pro-Palestine stance. The controversy has sparked a debate on social media platforms, with some users supporting Bella Hadid’s advocacy for the Palestinian cause. Dior and Bella Hadid have not yet commented on the alleged replacement with May Tager in their latest ad campaign.

Published by HOLR Magazine.