High-end fashion has blended so well with sport and loungewear that the luxury side of fashion now has no boundaries when mixing garments to look stylish. 

Bodywarmers are some of the perfect pieces that have reimagined fashion over the last year, and now they have become a necessity to everyone and their wardrobe. A bodywarmer or what is known as a vest has a way to make or break your outfit. For a chic look, a body warmer has become the main attraction in an outfit, whether it’s under your jacket or over your sweater. 


This year the trend was oversized puffers for women and thin body warmers for men. They have become the perfect piece to not only complement your outfit but also make it 10x better. 

For women, a vest/puffer or bodywarmer has become the perfect accessory for your body type. The Artizia or Moncler puffers have been the highlight of everyone’s wardrobe. Winter coats and jackets have always been a big issue for the fashion world. Winter was usually the season where fashion got ruined because of big and bulky jackets that got in the way of the fashion and style side of things. Now, vests and puffers are part of the outfit and can show off your fit but also being a part of it is a perfect way. 


For men, bodywarmers have become the perfect piece to those workwear looks. Having to wear a suit in winter can be hard because the outfit is so formal that not having a warm enough coat or looking underdressed would not cut it. Now, men have taken advice from the Europeans and have started using layers properly. Wearing a proper fitting and proper coloured body warmer is essentially the perfect way for men to add warmth to their already impeccable style. 

Bodywarmers may seem a bit outdated, but once in the perfect style and cut, all your outfits are going to look chic and won’t need to be ruined by an oversized and out-of-style winter coat. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine