With these simple yet convincing theories from author Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit, you’ll realize many important values ​​in life that you may be missing out on. This is not only a New York Times bestseller, recommended by Business Insider but also a book that many famous billionaires have read to succeed on their way. If you’re looking to practice positive habits that lead to success, this book is a perfect choice for you.


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Charles Duhigg is a famous American journalist born in 1964. He has been a reporter for the New York Times since 2006 and is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times. The book was on the New York Times bestseller list for 40 weeks and remains to this day one of the best books on changing human behavior. The book was born with the purpose of helping readers understand themselves through their perception and attitude towards everyday habits. In the minds of many people, habits only belong to personal life and are more or less influenced by emotions, so they become an essential factor. Habits are more influential and important than you think. The profound effects of every problem often come from the little things we overlook. 

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According to author Charles Duhigg, habits are simple suggestion-activity-reward loops that save effort and stamina. He wants to introduce you to the very important 3-step process of forming a habit. First, it is receiving information or when you are influenced by external factors. These new things will stimulate brain activity, from which the brain begins to evaluate the appropriate course of action. The next step is to maintain this habit every day. Like how you automatically wake up at 6 am if you form the habit of sleeping at 10 pm every day. The final step in the process is forming that habit. For example, forming the habit of eating vegetables every day results in good health. Every habit leads to good or bad results, so you need to practice good habits and eliminate bad habits. The reason to create a habit is that it gives you a sense of victory as if you have achieved your goal. Changing bad habits into good habits will help you change other aspects of your life to be more positive.

With the basic rules and theories from author Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit, you will recognize many priceless lessons in life on the journey of conquering success. Good habits will always be an important companion in life. The habit loop theory outlined in the book will make it easier to focus on the habits that matter most. Knowing how to organize the things you will do, you will have no trouble forming a habit.

This is a book you must read once in your life to get yourself motivated, inspired to change and improve as well as form better habits.