Rumors surrounding Brad Pitt’s youthful appearance have gone viral, with fans speculating that the 60-year-old actor might have undergone a secret £100,000 facelift.

Comparisons to Benjamin Button, the character who ages backward, are making rounds as fans marvel at Pitt’s seemingly reversed aging process.

Wild speculation about Brad Pitt undergoing a facelift has erupted following the viral circulation of a TikTok video featuring a doctor commenting on the actor’s seemingly ageless appearance. Fans, dubbing him the real-life Benjamin Button, claim Pitt is defying the aging process, especially after images from his attendance at Wimbledon last year. At 60, the actor’s reverse aging, reminiscent of his iconic role in the 2008 film “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button,” has stirred widespread discussions and comparisons among his admirers.

In an Instagram video, Dr. Jonny Betteridge, a facial aesthetician and former NHS doctor, points to a crucial indicator suggesting that Brad Pitt may have undergone a discreet surgery, a procedure known to exceed £100,000 with a recovery period spanning two to three months. While Brad has maintained silence regarding any surgical procedures, Dr. Jonny, the founder of London clinic JB Aesthetics, offers speculative insights, suggesting the possibility of a facelift.

The doctor conducted a comparative analysis of photographs featuring the Hollywood star at the Academy Awards in 2020 and his appearance last July while seated center court at Wimbledon. Highlighting the evolution, he remarked, “This was him four years ago in 2020, displaying the typical signs of aging — deep static lines, volume loss in the eye and mid-face area, and some skin laxity in the lower face.”

The turning point in Brad’s transformation, as per Dr. Jonny, was observed at Wimbledon last year. He emphasized the noticeable change in Brad’s face, particularly its enhanced youthful profile when viewed from the side.

Drawing attention to the lower face contour, Dr. Jonny expressed, “The impressive change is indicative of a facelift, identifiable by scrutinizing for the presence of a scar.” According to Dr. Jonny, Brad’s ear exhibits the “classic appearance of a facelift scar.”

Elaborating on the procedure, he clarified, “During the facelift, the skin around the ear is lifted, potentially altering the shape and position of the earlobes.” Dr. Jonny intriguingly noted that Brad seems to have reversed time, resembling his facial appearance from the early 2000s—a fascinating coincidence considering his iconic role as Benjamin Button.

Pitt’s Silence:

Amidst the speculations and online discussions, Brad Pitt has remained tight-lipped about the rumors surrounding his appearance. The actor, known for his private nature, has not addressed the facelift rumors directly, adding an air of mystery to the ongoing saga.

As the facelift rumors surrounding Brad Pitt continue to captivate fans are left eagerly awaiting any official statement from the actor. Whether a result of meticulous self-care or a discreet cosmetic procedure, Pitt’s age-defying looks continue to be a topic of fascination, contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of beauty and aging in the world of entertainment.

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