Bringing South Asian roots into the mainstream

Using high-quality, plant-powered ingredients, Bridal Glow has set out to create transformational, clean skincare rooted in luxury. 

The team consists of the dynamic duo; Shanzeyl and Niha. These two savvy founders both got their start in the beauty industry. With a decade of experience in skincare Shanzeyl, has an educational background in medical aesthetics, makeup artistry and was also the National Director for Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Niha is a passionate makeup and skincare specialist. She focuses on a holistic sense of health and nutrition, nourishing the body from within. Her love of clean beauty and skincare was refined by her years working with Estee Lauder, Saje and Kiehls.

The gap in glam

Shanzeyl and Niha found that the ‘clean’ beauty industry was being saturated by products with complex names and even more complex results. There was a glaring gap in the market for products with real, natural ingredients. This led the way for Bridal Glow; exceptional plant-based skincare products for all skin types. 


A heart of heritage 

Leaning into their South-Asian roots, Shanzeyl and Niha combine the medical art of Ayurvedic Science (century-old tips and traditions of blending nature’s most powerful herbs and spice) with modern-day science focusing on skin health. Enhancing skin care from every angle, they’ve focused on dermal science, makeup artistry and the base of healthy skin. Together, they create a truly transformative skin experience.


Growing the brand

Dedicated to bringing a unique experience, the team will release a one-of-a-kind “Glow Masque,” on July 28th. Creating this mask was a deeply personal project influenced by decades of culture. In traditional South Asian culture, before a marriage ceremony, a girl is pampered with skin treatments on the face and body. To achieve this special glow, the “Glow Masque” is created from a combination of pure clay, turmeric, sandalwood and the world’s most powerful spice – saffron. Together, they thoroughly nourish the skin, combating acne, discoloration, and dryness. 


Get the glow

The Booster Serums include “Blemish BeGone”, “Brightening”, and “Bedew”. Each bottle retails for $75 CDN – click here to view the full line-up.


Shop the full collection via, with shipping available to over 100 countries.

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