A vibrant smile is something we all desire and provides a dramatic boost in self-confidence. It also impresses on people the feeling of vitality and warmth.

Seeing the joy in her client’s eyes when years of stains have disappeared is what keeps her motivated. Tricia Turner loves working as Dental Hygienist and has been in the dental field for ten plus years. However, she’s always wanted to step outside the typical set schedule working life. Being a female entrepreneur to create something of her own allows her to have a better work-life balance. Setting goals and accomplishing them keeps her driven, and her focus is laser sharp.

SmileLuv is based out of a small studio in the midtown Toronto, offering mobile service throughout the GTA to accommodate our busy lifestyles. SmileLuv is ideal for people who want instant whitening gratification or those who have that special event coming up and require a brighter, whiter smile.










A Letter from Tricia Turner, Dental Hygienist and Cosmetic Whitening Specialist:  

Let’s talk about the health of the gums and teeth!

I thrive on educating people about their oral health and give them the brighter, healthier smile they always wanted. Not only whitening your teeth increases your confidence, but it is also a good motivational tool to help improve the overall oral health of the gums and teeth. To optimize your oral health, brush twice a day, floss at night and rinse your mouth with nonalcoholic mouthwash. We brush away the bacteria but often forget about trapped bacteria under our gum line and coating our tongue and cheeks. This can wreak havoc on our oral tissues causing gingivitis and periodontal disease. Flossing ensures we remove what’s under the gums, followed by a mouth rinse, to decrease the remaining bacteria in the oral cavity.

The system SmileLuv uses is a combination of dental grade and cosmetic whitening products. We use the latest cold laser technology, chemically activated solutions, 24k gold gel, whitening pen, with natural plant and mineral ingredients. Our products have proven to yield superior results with little to no sensitivity.

As a Registered Dental Hygienist, addressing the clients’ needs, comfort levels and expectations of the whitening service is discussed during the consultation process before any treatment is administered. To book your free consultation please contact us at SmileluvWhiteing@gmail.com or call 647-308-6446. See our results and follow along on our Instagram page @smileluvwhitening.


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