Jonathan Bailey, the British actor that stole the scenes on the Netflix drama Bridgerton, has become a fashion icon all on his own. 

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The breakout star really turned heads while being the older/protective brother in the famous series, but many have fallen for him even more over a year after its initial release. 

The 34-year-old actor did not think that his life would change so fast, let alone would he be a lead actor in a Shonda Rhymes Netflix series about a semi-royal family finding love in the 19th century. 

The breakout star is making headlines because he truly is a sight for sore eyes, his looks, his British charm and his brotherly figure have everyone waiting on the second season of the acclaimed television series. 

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The second season of the hit series is more focused on Jonathan’s character, his search for love and tying up loose ends for the family. His character in the first season was known to play the father/big brother role, making sure his younger siblings found proper suitors, yet for himself, he hid his relationships and was portrayed as not finding a suitable love interest. 

Now with the second season being focused on Jonathan’s character, all eyes are on Jonathan on and off the screen, including his impeccable street style

The British actor has a very comfortable yet hard-to-pull off sense of style. Per his body type and of course his line of work, Jonathan knows when to push boundaries and when to keep them classic. 


Maybe it’s the British boy in him or many it’s just his comfort but Jonathan is known for wearing layers. He is seen many times with 2 sweaters on, and usually in a bold colour, which allows his outfits to be elevated. 

Another great thing he does is he is not afraid of textures. Textures are a great way to add elements and style to your clothes, if your clothes tend to be soft/flat materials they tend to seem or feel boring. 

Jonathan is also known to keep his British style sense, keeping a clean yet semi-formal look when out and about. A great look to always be able to pull off is a smart look, a pair of trousers, a clean crisp shirt and maybe a well-worn cardigan for some relaxed vibes. 

Although many people would love to continue to see Jonathan shirtless on his hit tv show, it might be more beneficial to him to wear some clothes and keep some mystery alive. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine