Based on research, Barcelona has been crowned the capital for a girl’s trip, and is followed by London, Calgary, and Berlin!

We all love a vacation, but nothing compares to a memorable girl’s trip with your besties! Choosing the right destination can be tricky, which is why Compare the Market has compiled a list, reviewing hotel prices, the cost of wine, number of clubs and spas plus much more, to reveal the best spots ready for when international travel opens up.

From the cost of a hotel, beer, bottle of wine, and starting taxi fares to the number of spas and clubs in the city, the research includes the most important parts of a trip to bring you the top locations, so you can make your decision quicker than you can say ‘passport’!

Following the report, the top 10 locations are revealed as follows:

*All prices in AUD

Barcelona is crowned the capital for girl’s trip locations, with a bottle of wine from a supermarket ($8.09) coming in cheaper than any other city on the list, and hotel prices ($123.96) ranking second behind Berlin ($116.63).

London comes in second, with 120 clubs and 173 spa listings in the UK’s capital being one of its ranking factors, as well as its cheaper prices ($11.41) for an end-of-the-night McDonald’s or equivalent. Calgary, the only Canadian city to feature on the list, follows in third with a taxi ride starting at $4.16 and a beer setting you back $7.66.

If you have your sights set on Germany, you’re in luck, as both Berlin and Munich make up the top five, both falling on the cheaper side for a beer ($6.15-6.47) and a bottle of wine ($9.71). Known for its nightlife, you won’t be short of clubs in either city with listings ranging from 99-101.

If you’re planning on taking a trip state-side, there are a few cities to choose from with both Chicago and Nashville all making the top 10. Despite hotels ranging from $241.85 to $312.07 per night, taxi fares are relatively low, starting from $4.49 in Chicago.


Commenting on the report, Stephen Zeller, travel insurance expert at says: “For those who are planning a trip ready for when restrictions ease, we hope this list makes it as easy as possible to choose your destination. It’s also important to remember that you take out the appropriate travel insurance, protecting your luggage, flights, and most importantly your health, should the worst happen whilst you’re away.”

The hardest part about a girl’s trip can be choosing where is best for you to let your hair down, so if you’re planning a trip for when international travel re-opens, then look no further as a new report1 by Compare the Market reveals the top locations for you and your girlfriends.

To see the full index, including all 16 cities that are featured, please visit: book your next adventure with your besties today!

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