Rising star Cameron Hardy releases his debut single “I Thought You Were Lonely“. This debut is Cameron’s authentic release of himself as an artist, accompanied by a music video created with Amber Park. Cameron shares some information about this new release, what it means to him, and what we can expect from him with upcoming projects.

How did your cover of Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar” take you to where you are now?

It’s funny because, doing covers was something I did just for fun and once that started to pick up, I really decided to figure out who I am as an artist and started writing my own music. Now i’m at a place where i’m excited to show the world what i’ve been working on.

And you’re new release titled “I Thought You Were Lonely“, tell us about that!

I wrote the song a couple years ago, with Rolo’s wreckly and Ryan Og, a couple of my favourite writers, and this was the first song that I really felt is exactly who I am as an artist. I just knew it had to be the debut. It’s been a long time in the works and especially with the pandemic thrown in there, being able to execute the visuals that I want to do and everything else, it’s incredible that it’s finally happening.

Can you go into a bit more detail of what you meant by  “That I really felt is exactly who I am as an artist”? 

Sonically & lyrically this is the first song I wrote that I felt 100% truly represented who I am as an artist. I’ve been sitting on it for a while, and without giving too much away, this is really just the beginning of my project. It’s the foundation of everything else I’ve been building up on.

Tell us about working with Amber Park on your upcoming music video! 

Amber is amazing, we have worked together on some projects in the past. Of course I had to ask her to be a part of this, i’m glad she was down. i’m excited for everyone to see the video. It came out with the single on May 7th. I have the best time bringing the song to life, and emphasizing the visual piece of who i am as an artist. It’s a very edgy, vibe-y video, and I’m honestly obsessed with it, so i’m excited for everyone to see!

What are you most hoping people take away from your new debut release? 

I really just hope that people are excited for more. I really want this release to be a first look of everything that’s coming, and give everyone a really good taste of who I am as an artist. I’m excited for the future and I think it’s a great first look.

See Cameron Hardy’s new music for “I Thought You Were lonely” video here.

“You Thought You Were Lonely” is only the beginning, the debut, a teaser for what more we can expect from Cameron Hardy.

To Stay tuned for a couple more singles and video’s from Cameron Hardy coming out over the next couple of months, follow Cameron on socials such as Instagram, Youtube, and streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music for first hand notification about his new releases.