With the war between Ukraine and Russia still underway, Canada is one of many countries trying to be a beneficial ally to Ukraine and allowing residents to seek refugees. 

Many Ukrainian families already are a part of Canada’s heritage and the country wants to help bring families back together and to create a safe place for them to shelter. Many countries like Poland are doing the same for Ukraine, although Poland and Ukraine have had their misunderstandings over the years, Poland will help out against the Russian attacks.

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Canada had made the announcement saying that anyone coming from Ukraine will be immediately let in due to the threat and situation in their homeland. Usually, the process for anyone seeking refugee or immigration could take a long time, even up to years before being let in, but with the cause of war, Canada has revoked those rules.

It is said that many Ukrainians who will come to Canada to seek refugee, will eventually plan to go back home when this war is over, and they hope that they can very soon.

Article published by HOLR Magazine