New satellite footage supposedly showcasing the wildfires burning in Canada has sparked conspiracy theories related to how the. fires started. HOLR has the details on the trending story below.

According to new viral satellite footage, as shown in clips here in New York Times, the recent wildfires across Canada have led to toxic smoke being spread into the United States.

This article touches on a conspiracy theory relating to the recent wildfires that suggest people are supposedly claiming that “the destruction was politically motivated.”

Canada Fire

According to this article, some internet users believe the fires were started by organizations such as Antifa or anti-oil activists. The following Tweet posted by user Josh Kirkland (@JOSHTelevison)- highlighted in the article-suggests the fires were allegedly coordinated as it looks like the fires in Quebec were started-seemingly- simultaneously.

This is just a rumor and there is not a lot of evidence to support this supposed theory, but here’s what Kirkland had to say about the alleged situation at hand.

This TikToker also dives into the conspiracy theory about how the fires allegedly started at the same time in this video posted by user @WoahThatIsStrange.


Canada wild fires some sort of coverup? @Devskyy has stubbled across something really interesting go to there page to check out the full video. #creepy #conspiracytiktok #wildfires #canada

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As stated in the video, Canada is supposedly claiming that these fires have started as a result of weather and arson.

This increase in wildfires across the country has contributed to poor air quality in provinces such as Ontario, which have supposedly spread as far south in the U.S. to the Carolinas. As HOLR previously reported, air quality in New York was considered dangerous after toxic smoke from the wildfires caused the sky to turn a hazy yellow.

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