What started the fire in Maui 2023?

Reports say that strong winds and dry conditions brought on the Hawaii wildfires that have been burning since Tuesday, August 8.

First update from NBC News confirms that 55 people have been reported dead as of August 12.

Secondly, six fires are burning in Maui and the Big Island, but officials said the Lahaina fire is now 80% contained.

Lastly, Hawaiian officials confirmed that many of the town’s historic landmarks are lost.

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said, “The fires are likely to be the largest natural disaster in the state’s history.”

Governor Green described the scene in Lahaina, as a “total devastation.”

And added that the death toll will rise “significantly.”

hawaii wildfires


Jason Momoa’s Emotional Response to the Hawaii Wildfires.

hawaii wildfires

Credit Image: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Meanwhile, Jason Momoa has shown his love and support to the people of Hawaii.

“We are devastated and heartbroken for our friends and ‘ohana on Maui who have been impacted by the recent wildfires,” Momoa wrote on Instagram.

The Post read, “My heart goes out to all those affected by the devastating fires across the Island of Maui.”

“In times like these, we come together as an ‘Ohana, a family, to kāko’o and kōkua one another,” he said.

“The destruction caused by these fires is heartbreaking, but our community’s resilience and strength will shine through.”

People were urged by Momoa to do their part to prevent the spread and protect the island’s national treasures.

“I urge everyone to stay safe and heed the advice of local authorities. Let us all do our part to prevent the further spread of the fires and support those on the front lines.”

Hawaii Wildfires Update: Did the warning systems in Maui fail?

However, Adam Weintraub, Communications Director for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency commented.

“It’s only recently that we’ve started to get our arms around them and contain them,” he said of the effort to contain the fires. “So, we’re hoping for the best, but we’re prepared for the worst.”

Govenor Green said he couldn’t say for certain if Maui’s emergency siren systems were activated properly.

Green said, “It’s too early for me to tell. Much of the equipment was destroyed with fire and it’s a very remote place.”

“This was a western edge of the island of Maui. Of course, we would never diminish any kind of responsibility.”

Briefly, Green said that the 80m/ph. winds knocked out their communications and is not ready to lay blame anywhere.


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