Carlo Parentela is no stranger to the hospitality industry. Since the 1980s, he’s been at the helm of the family catering business, growing Le Jardin de Toronto Banquet Hall from a one-room banquet facility to the 80,000-square-foot facility it is now.  Today, the venue is known as Château Le Jardin Event Venue and is a dominant player for weddings and corporate events.

Fulfilling a creative spark, Carlo became involved in the television business and in 2009, he launched Long Valley Productions (LVP). Under LVP, he created Find a Banquet Hall, an online directory for venue searches, and Last Bride Standing, a TV series that became a hit over two seasons in Canada on Sun TV.  He was also the mastermind behind Toronto’s Bridal Show.

Today, in between managing his various businesses and restaurants, Carlo is thinking of new ways to bring luxury hospitality to the community.  He is presently working on the final expansion of Le Jardin, with the addition of a new hotel, called Hotel Vie.  

Upon completion, which Carlo expects to happen in 2023,  Hotel Vie, a tribute portfolio of luxury hotels will boast 261 guest suites and 54 office suites overlooking the expansive lobby.  Additionally, there will be two restaurants, a 5 Star restaurant, Café/Marché, Spa & Wellness Centre, Wine Club, 2 event courtyards, fitness centre and indoor pool and rooftop pool/event space.

We had the opportunity to talk with Carlo Parentela about the plans for the hotel and what residents of Vaughan can look forward to.

HOLR: You’ve founded a variety of businesses in the hospitality industry.  Where did the idea for Hotel Vie come from and how is it an extension of Le Jardin?

Carlo Parentela: I wanted Hotel Vie to serve as a symbol of the city of Vaughan itself. Since the hotel is going to be closely associated as a wedding and banquet venue, we wanted to create a brand that would encompass: “Where Celebration Comes to Life.” We wanted to remind customers who stay at the hotel that everything in life can be a celebration.  We’ve been planning to introduce this hotel for many years, and we feel the time is right to make it happen.

HOLR: Hotel Vie is a direct partnership between Parentela Group and Marriott, correct?

Carlo Parentela: Yes.  We partnered with Marriott Hotels to increase our exposure and to use their state-of-the-art global booking system. Marriott has strict global requirements that new hotels in its systems must adhere to and we wanted to align ourselves with that.  

HOLR:  In terms of marketing potential investors, what is the elevator pitch behind Hotel Vie?

Carlo Parentela:  The hotel will be the epicentre for luxury stay for business or pleasure, entertainment and ambience throughout all of the York Region. This is an opportunity to be a part of an exclusive collection of investors who want to enhance their portfolio, with the potential for high return and exclusive access to an elevated lifestyle.

HOLR: Who is Hotel Vie’s target audience?

Carlo Parentela: Several different groups of people, actually. Hotel Vie will be geared toward celebrants and guests of weddings and events at Château Le Jardin. The hotel is an extension of their celebration, a place where the party starts in style and ends in joyous revelry.  Additionally, Hotel Vie will invite travellers visiting Vaughan for work or business. The hotel is a place in the region where they can find new and exciting experiences that mark a job well done and enhance their trip.  Friends and family visiting relatives in the Vaughan region can use the hotel and can enjoy world-class hospitality.  Lastly, the people living in Vaughan. The hotel is where residents can go to feel part of a larger community of interesting, accomplished people celebrating occasions big and small.

HOLR: How will Sopra Sopra Ristorante make Hotel Vie the new must-visit meeting and event destination?

Carlo Parentela: Sopra Sopra Ristorante restaurant and wine bar isn’t going to be just a place to grab a delicious meal with friends and co-workers; it’s going to be an experience that will take events to that next level.  The restaurant will offer a chic dining experience paired with live entertainment and an unparalleled ambiance. It will also feature a main bar, alternate lounge seating, and semi-private seating throughout.  Here, you can do anything from hold a private meeting to enjoy happy hour drinks to accommodate an entire wedding party.  

Construction on Hotel Vie is expected to start late this summer.  Stay tuned!