As Fall is around the corner, we are looking for ways to make our home feel warm and cozy.

Here are some easy ways to make your home feel like fall without breaking the bank:

Switch Up Throw Pillows:

Switch up throw pillow covers for the season. Embrace warmer textures such a velvet, sherpa and faux fur for extra coziness. Don’t just limit it to your couch either – add different decorative pillow covers to your bed to help make the bedroom cozy for fall. Also, layer in throw blankets on your couch and in baskets, which invite family members and guests to cozy up.

Add Candles For Scent and Ambience:

Adding scented candles everywhere as scent is a huge trigger for memories. Use this to your advantage to evoke the feeling of fall in your home. Fresh apples and pumpkin spice can make your space feel cozy.

Place Pumpkin Around Your Home and Hang A Wreath:

Add pumpkins to your front porch, a side table, mantel or even overflowing in your fireplace. They do not have to be real.

Make a wreath on your own by following this tutorial, adding a fall-themed wreath to your door tells your whole neighbourhood that you are ready for the new season.

Change Your Colour Scheme and Bring the Outdoors Inside:
Replace your usual colour scheme with the warmer colours of fall. Colours like amber, burgundy, russet red, bronze, gold, deep green and even mauve, help bring fall colours outside. Use them to create a sense of warmth and comfort indoors.

Add in-season flowers to your kitchen or dining table, or use a pumpkin to create your own beautiful floral centrepiece.

Published on HOLR Magazine.