Christina Aguilera Joins Alex Cooper On This Week’s Episode Of ‘Call Her Daddy’Podcast

Christina Aguilera sits down for an interview with Alex Cooper, the host of the Call Her Daddy podcast, where they discuss life in the public eye, insecurities and reasons why she won’t date high-profile people.


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Dating in A ‘Narcissistic Industry’

While discussing relationships, Aguilera is asked about dating in the industry. To that, she responds swiftly claiming she has no time for that.

“I didn’t really have time for that. I always went for things that I would feel safe about, My life is hectic enough, and this is a very narcissistic industry. My anxieties couldn’t maybe take somebody that did the exact same thing I did. I know how this goes. I’m too vulnerable for this. I’m too sensitive to be so paranoid,” She discloses.

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Pink Vs Xtina Feud

While on the podcast, past feuds were brought up.

“I want peaceful energy, peaceful vibes. I don’t need to be talking about things that happened decades ago. Let’s grow up, let’s embrace,” she deflects. “I just don’t have time for the petty bulls**t.”

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Fans believe she is referring to her past beef with Pink.

In the early 2000s, there was a widely-publicized feud between the two singers. The feud reportedly began when Pink felt that Christina had copied her style and sound. The two exchanged some thinly-veiled insults in the media, and at one point Pink refused to collaborate with Christina on a song for the movie “Moulin Rouge.”

However, in recent years, both singers have expressed regret about the feud and have reportedly made amends.

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