Bob Lee Cash App Founder Affair With Nima Momeni Sister

The murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee shocked the tech industry, and yesterday his accused killer, Nima Momeni, appeared in a San Francisco court. Lee was killed in the early hours of April 4 while visiting San Francisco from Miami, where he had moved with his family last year. Was Cashapp founder Bob Lee killed over an affair with Nima Momeni sister Khazar Momeni?

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Prosecutors have charged Momeni, an IT entrepreneur, with Lee’s murder. Momeni is the older brother of Khazar Momeni, known as Tina to her friends, who had a close friendship with Lee. Friends claim that Lee was romantically involved with Khazar, who is married to plastic surgeon Dino Elyassnia, and one even alleged that she had a drug problem.

Police sources say that on the day of his murder, Lee and Khazar visited the home of a man with a criminal record for dealing drugs. It is unclear if they purchased any drugs from him that day. A previously-filed court motion says the trio were “drinking” at his home. The man in question has not been named.

The apparent connection to drugs ties into an earlier claim that Lee argued with Nima Momeni about Khazar hours before the stabbing. Friends claimed that Nima was concerned his sister was involved with a bad crowd and had been using drugs. Lee, according to the friends, assured him she was not.

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Police allegedly found the text message below between Khazar and Cashapp Founder Bob Lee in which she says she loves him. While Khazar is married, it is believed that she was having an affair with Bob Lee.

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More than a dozen of Lee’s relatives, including his children, were in the courtroom today for the hearing, but Momeni’s sister, who supported him in designer sunglasses last week, was not present. Momeni’s attorney, Paula Canny, said she is not convinced by the surveillance footage she has seen. “He’s gonna plead not guilty, and he’s gonna deny the special allegation, and absolutely the plea will be not guilty,” she said after his appearance.

The case has attracted widespread attention, and there is much speculation about the circumstances surrounding Lee’s death. Canny, the attorney representing Nima, previously suggested police had arrested the wrong person. “Clearly they seem to think they have enough to make an arrest, but I haven’t seen it. So, until I see it and analyze it, I’m gonna say they’ve made a mistake. There isn’t enough [to hold him]. My client is a super nice person, his family loves him and supports him,” she said in an interview with NBC News.

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Authorities have not released any further details regarding illicit substances being involved in the case. However, Canny said that she was looking into drug use as a “theme” as part of her defense. “We are actively investigating the background of the conduct of all the parties for the three or four days before the incident. A common theme that I’m seeing is heavy illegal narcotics use,” she said.

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