As flu season has arrived, and flu shots have been on a rollout, a mother and her three-year-old child have been accidentally vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. 

The mother and her daughter were booked at the clinic for their annual flu shot when the health care worker explained a mix-up and ended up giving the mother her third dose of the vaccine, along with her three-year-old daughter.

The mother urges everyone to make sure that the right medicine is being administered to you at this time due to the influx of COVID-19 vaccines being administered. Her daughter, who is not eligible for the vaccine even for children, was administered the adult dose of Pfizer.


Right now in Canada, children 5-12 are eligible to receive almost half a dose or child-size dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. As her daughter is three, her age group is not cleared for any dose let alone an adult size.

For the mother, she had already received both her vaccine shots and wasn’t due for her next one until January. At the time the mother explained that both she and her daughter had some symptoms of uneasiness, but now seem fine.

With the accidental dosage the mother has tried to reach out to someone for answers as to how this could happen, but unfortunately, still hasn’t received word.

Article published by HOLR Magazine