Amanda Seyfried admits to over-plucking her brows.

But who doesn’t have a few beauty failures in their lifetime?

Well Amanda Seyfried did in high school when she over-plucked her brows. While promoting the Lancôme x Louvre campaign, the 37-year-old star admitted to an adolescent beauty blunder. Seyfried told Glamour recently, “I egregiously over-plucked my eyebrows in high school for them never to return in full.”

amanda seyfried


Guess you could say ‘Lesson learned?’

And when she was asked which beauty rule, she found ridiculous, Seyfried had this to say.

“Super-gluing your eyebrows. Ouch.” And we would have to agree.

What is the safest brow routine?

First, and widely considered safest brow routine – tweezing and threading.

And the reason for this is that with this treatment, you have the most control over shaping.

Also, it’s a good option if you have a sensitivity to wax.

Second, alternatively to tweezing and threading, there is tinting and according to sources, “brow tinting is the quickest, easiest way to make your brows look fuller.”

Lastly, and perhaps a personal favourite, ‘laminating. A treatment that basically relaxes and reshapes the brow.

It creates a thicker, fuller look and according to the blog ‘lilash.com’ “It’s essentially perming your brows to stay in the direction you place them.”

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