Many celebrities are known for creating alcohol brands when they have too much money and don’t know what to do with it. The best part, most of these brands are known to be some of the best alcoholic brands out there, and we’re going to show you which celebrity alcohol you need to try and gift this holiday. 

Celebrities usually get into the alcohol business when their careers take one of two turns. One would be if they have finally been famous long enough, and earned enough money to invest a lot of it into alcohol that they will be drinking for the rest of their lives. Or two, their careers have come to a slow and these celebrities are finding ways to use their name to still make money. 

Let’s start big and of course with the celebratory alcohol known as champagne. One of the best and most expensive champagnes out there is Ace of Spades, and of course, owned by HOV himself Jay-Z. Ace’s most popular bottle the Gold Brut is described to have an exotic fruit and crystallized citrus taste, with notes of honey and vanilla, and can be quite smooth for champagne. Not only is this bottle expensive because Jay-Z owns it, but it is also because it is some of the best made in all of Champagne at a retail price of $299 per bottle. 

Since we’re on the topic of wine, rockstar Bon Jovi created the rose Hampton Water. Now, what can get more bourgeois than a wine named after an expensive location and of course water? Having hints of red fruits like watermelon and cherries, this wine is smooth with a hint of minerals and is known to pair well with anything, and for any occasion. At just $30 a bottle, gift it to a friend or just enjoy it all to yourself. 

Now onto the hard stuff, Gin is known to many people to be produced in or around London, but Ryan Reynolds sure got it right with Aviation American gin. Aviation is known for its sweet and spicy kicks, layered with citrus and floral notes, this gin can be the new preference with your gin and tonic. At a decent $40 a bottle, this American gin should be placed right next to the Londoners. 

Last and definitely not least Casamigos Tequila is best known to be owned by George Clooney. As many vouches for the Blanco (white), the reposado (gold) is just as refreshing, it all depends on preference. For taste, the Blanco is smokey with fruits like apple and hints of honey. While the reposado has a silkiness to it with hints of oak and cacao. Depending on your preference these top-shelf bottles run between $69 and $79 a bottle.

Head down to the local liquor store because some of the best gifts for the holidays truly is a bottle of alcohol, and what better way to enjoy and experience these celebrity delights than with family and friends.