Buzz Lightyear has become a beloved character throughout the Toy Story franchise. Fans can watch this heroic space ranger’s origin story available August 3rd on Disney+!

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Synopsis of Film

Disney and Pixar present the origin story of Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans), the human space ranger hero who inspired the creation of the toy in the Toy Story franchise. He is joined by Izzy, Mo and Darby, and his robot comrade Sox on this intergalactic mission. This ambitious crew must work together to defeat the evil Zurg and his army of robots!

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Director’s Choice to Cast Chris Evans as Lightyear

Chris Evans

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In an interview with FANDAGO, Director Angus MacLane discussed the choice of casting Chris Evans to voice the title character:  “He was the first choice, pretty much as soon as we knew we were going do it. And he came up, drove up to Pixar. And we hung out for a day and pitched him the movie. And he was thrilled. He really was. He totally got what we were going for. He’s been such a part of the process of honing that voice and recognizing the reverence to what it could be, and what the character should be, and taking that seriously, and finding the comedy in the character of it, and not in mockery.”

He continued, “But because of his gravitas and star power, because of who he is as a performer, he knows how to carry that straight-laced classic movie hero. But at the same time, he’ll know how to subvert it and make fun of it at the same time, in a very knowing way. It’s not a subtraction for the character.” 

“It’s been such a wonderful experience. He’s such a joy. And he’s an animation fan. He at one time considered being an animator, so he was really interested in the process. You don’t always get that. It really helped to show him the sequence in storyboards, and he’d say, “I got it.” He could just do it. Especially action scenes. He’s so good. I can’t say enough great things about Chris Evans. I’m so glad he said yes,” MacLane added.

The Voice Actors of “Lightyear”

Chris Evans is joined by other talented actors such as Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, James Brolin, Peter Sohn, Dale Soules, Uzo Aduba, and more! 

Are you excited to watch “Lightyear?”

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