In a surprising revelation, sources close to Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have reportedly disclosed that the couple got engaged years ago, shedding light on their private relationship and their relaxed approach to marriage.

Despite their engagement, the duo reportedly remains in no hurry to walk down the aisle, opting instead to cherish their bond and focus on their careers.

Chris Martin, the Coldplay frontman, and Dakota Johnson, the acclaimed actress known for her role in the “Fifty Shades” film series, have long been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most low-key couples. However, recent revelations have offered a glimpse into the depth of their commitment, with sources revealing that the pair got engaged several years ago, away from the public eye.

Despite their engagement, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have opted to keep their relationship largely private, preferring to navigate their romance away from the spotlight. Sources close to the couple emphasize that they share a strong and loving bond, built on mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talents and personalities.

The news of Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s secret engagement has sent shockwaves through the entertainment world, prompting fans to speculate about their plans. While the couple has yet to make an official announcement regarding their engagement, insiders suggest that they are content with the status quo and are in no rush to formalize their relationship with a wedding ceremony.

Dakota Johnson’s Engagement Ring

Johnson was previously seen sporting a sizable emerald ring on her left hand in December 2020, although neither she nor Martin offered any official comments on the matter. A source later confirmed to another outlet, PEOPLE, that the ring was indeed an engagement ring. Additionally, she was photographed wearing the dazzling sparkler during her 34th birthday celebration with Martin in Los Angeles in October and at the Hope for Depression Research Foundation event in November.

In conclusion, the revelation of Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s secret engagement offers a rare glimpse into the private lives of two of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. While their engagement underscores the depth of their commitment, the couple remains steadfast in their decision to prioritize their relationship over societal expectations, choosing to savor the journey without rushing into marriage.

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