Dakota Johnson has been the number one headline for all of 2022 starting with her great run at Sundance, and now with the news of her most recent feature film, her joining the MCU for a Spider-Man spin-off. 

Dakota Johnson may be known for her role in the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey alongside Jamie Dornan, but the last few years she’s been showing off her acting chops that probably have been passed down from her 3 generations of film actor parents and grandparents.

With Sundance fresh in circulation, and Dakota not only starring but producing two of the most promising films of the festival, today it was released that Dakota is a candidate for the new Spider-Man spin-off ‘Madame Web.’

Spider-Man has always been a crowd favourite for the MCU and even Sony Pictures, but with how successful the last few years have been for the iconic comic book character it was only right that a female-oriented spin-off come into play.

Dakota will most likely be playing the titled character Madam Wed who is known in the comics to be an older woman who is connected to life support that looks like a web, and as a character has not been linked to any comic villains.

As Dakota is a much younger actor it seems like Madam Web might be a spun story to more of the origin of Madame Web, known for her psychic powers, her origin story might be linked or shown much like Doctor Strange.

Article posted by HOLR Magazine