When it comes to jewelry, it’s all about design and flavor. It’s hard to ignore the thousands of jewelry brands flooding Instagram lately, but it’s easy to see that most of them are not always up to par. So it’s refreshing when you see a brand with actual style and quality—and with super cute images!

We came across a brand just like that in Chvker, and what’s great with them is that they don’t play favorites. Chvker’s site is flush with models of all ethnicities, which is a great change of pace from the ubiquitous imagery we’re used to seeing. Their selection of products is impressive, and you can see that real care was put into the designs and the photography. We can all agree that we’re pretty much over the poor quality, spammy images we usually see. Let’s find out more about the Chvker brand.

A Favorite of Influencers

Chvker jewelry is quickly becoming a fashion influencer favorite on social media. All items are ultra-unique and are designed to fit your budget—and it’s easy to see why! High quality, fun, sparkling, and shiny, Chvker brings earrings, necklaces, and rings into your world and instantly enhances what you’re wearing while capturing your personality.

The new Chvker Vermeil Collection is definitely bringing the heat!

Not your average accessories, each item’s materials are hand-selected and specifically designed, resulting in perfect pieces that can be worn casually or formally—they’re so versatile! Their handmade charm is truly a labor of love, and the chokers are the brand’s signature items due do the brand name’s pronunciation (“choker”).


The Mastermind Behind Chvker

Who is the mastermind behind Chvker? Nazlia Yunus. This young, 22-year-old, talented, and resourceful brand owner never imagined she’d be a successful jewelry designer. What started as a hobby turned into a passion. Yunus’ gold filled, and gold-plated pieces started to pick up in sales on popular sites like Etsy and Shopify. Then, after reaching out to some well-known social media personalities, her accessories started bringing in some serious revenue, leaving this jewelry guru on track to hit major sales figures! It’s also easy to see why Chvker’s style and Instagram page are uber fashionable.

If you’ve had the chance to browse the site and shop the individual pieces or sets, you’ll clearly see each item’s whimsical charm and custom creation. Reasonably priced and ideal to give as a gift for a wide range of occasions, the art of construction is evident, and keen and precise attention to detail is paid to each and every piece. Each item’s shine and style is made possible by the careful selection of materials and plated process. The designer shows she understands that beautiful, high-quality pieces don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and can also be durable even at a lower price point. They’ve put together affordable sets to capture the beauty of layers.

Luxury for Less

Chvker jewelry may be the hottest up-and-coming accessory brand that you’re sure to see on some of the biggest online influencers’ blogs or bodies. There’s a reason celebs sport some of Yunus’ dazzling butterfly earrings, golden chokers, or original amulet-style pendants. Why not get that luxury look at a price point that doesn’t break the bank?

Nazlia Yunus proves that great style and beauty can be available and accessible to everyone, and that life can sometimes throw you a curveball that you can end up hitting out of the park! It’s always great to see brands born out of a great background story, and Chvker definitely has one. Chvker is quickly becoming one of our favorite go-to brands, and it’s easy to see why.