Toronto’s innovative experiential agency, Event Circle, today announced the launch of their Health Canada-approved COVID-19 rapid testing for corporate and private events as Ontario enters stage 3 of re-opening.  

Known for their unique digital activations and creative strategy for clients like Instagram and MLSE, Event Circle is introducing rapid testing to help clients ease back into the world of events safely.  

Trained on-site nurses collect and complete SARS-CoV-2 Viral Nucleoprotein antigen tests for all staff and guests as they enter an event. In as little as 15 minutes, antigen tests with a 96% sensitivity rate and a 100% specificity rate are available — making Event Circle’s testing the most efficient and accurate COVID-19 testing available. 

Event Circle’s rapid testing ensures comfortability and safety for guests and event hosts as we enter the next stage of post-pandemic life. The simple process consists of a painless, shallow nasal swab which requires 5-10 seconds in each nostril. 

While results are processed, individuals are recommended to return to their vehicles, maintain proper social distancing and wear personal protective equipment (PPE). After 15 minutes, if there is no detection of COVID-19, all individuals with negative results will be invited to enter the event and are no longer required to wear PPE. If the test result is inconclusive, the individual will require a second test. If a positive test occurs, the proctor will report this information to the event manager and recommend that the person receives a PCR test off site.