Are you trying to learn painting but don’t have any clue where to start? Well, you don’t have to be worried as you can begin with your painting journey any day you like with the custom paint-by-number canvas.

Custom paint by number is one of the best ways to help you learn painting quickly, as practicing is what makes things perfect, and the same rule applies here. If you still don’t know what custom paint by number canvas is, let us guide you a bit.

What custom canvas painting by the number actually is?

As we all know, painting is not an easy job. Still, the paint by numbers personalized has made it so easy as you don’t have to apply much hassle and just trace the points correctly to get a flawlessly made painted canvas that you and everyone else assuredly will love.

Is paint by numbers personalized kits are a perfect gift for painters?

Helping others with the skill they love is always a good idea, and when it comes to gifting, this custom paint by numbers canvas is the best option that anyone could ever imagine. Whether it’s the person you love and adore or your friend, these personalized paint by numbers canvas are a great way to show your love and affection towards them along with helping them in what they love doing.

However, let’s begin with the custom paint by numbers trick that no one else would tell you. These tricks will also help you learn different things about painting and help you master the skill. So, let’s just dig deep and find out what these tricks are.

What is the different custom paint by numbers tricks and techniques?


  • Always start your painting in descending order.
  • Want to improve your personalized paint by number skills? But don’t know how to? The first thing you should focus on is to start painting in descending order, which means you will have to start painting from the larger areas and then reach the smaller areas to make the painting look perfect. And also to avoid any smudging.


  • Use dark colors first
  • To better understand the color combinations, you should always start painting with the darkest colors first. In other words, you need to start using the dark colors first and then come to the light colors. As it will help you understand how the darkest colors affect the lightest ones and what impact they put on the light colors.


  • Cover the numbers with paint on custom paint by number canvas
  • You might be thinking about how to make your painted canvas look neat and tidy. Right? You don’t need to be worried as this little trick will help you improve the neatness of your painting. To cover the numbers in the canvas, do painting coats twice and let it dry. Do not rush your artwork, and always try to give plenty of drying time to make your painted picture look flawless.


  • Avoid smudging the canvas with paints
  • Every painter has experienced the smudging struggles in their life as your hand accidentally just touches the painted area that is still wet, which is where the mess starts from. All of your efforts go to waste if this smudging problem occurs in a painting, as it just ruins the picture.
  • But you can still reduce the smudging chances by start painting the upper area first and then come to the lower place. This way, your hand will not touch the painted proportions. 
  • Always try to close the paint cup
  • Do you ever just wonder why do your paints start to dry a lot quicker than others? If yes, then you are doing things the wrong way. Leaving the colors open to let them dry is a big mistake and should not even be considered.
  • Covering your paints with the paint cup when they are not in use is the best idea to prevent your paints from drying. This way, your colors will last longer.
  • Invest your time into it
  • If you try to get good results but still can’t get the flawlessly painted pictures, you might not be investing enough of your time painting one custom paint by numbers canvas. Painting always requires time. Start investing more of your time on one canvas rather than just finishing it in hours. Paint it with love and let it dry for a more extended period.



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We provide the best custom paint by numbers kits at the most affordable rates. Moreover, you might be needing some tips and tricks to improve your painting skills. Therefore the following article has all the information you require to master this paint artwork.

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