If you’re looking to decorate your home, the simplistic Scandinavian style is a chic, timeless, and functional design that will be sure to make your home feel like a sanctuary. Scandinavian style holds three key ingredients to a mindful and tranquil interior space: natural materials, simplicity, and positivity. Natural materials signify staying close to the earth, simplicity helps keep the mind focused and, of course, positivity aids in keeping negativity outside your home. Whilst furniture is arguably the foundation of your room, ultimately, it’s what you choose to hang on your walls that finish a space and deliver the final room design. Adding images, quotes, and paintings on your walls add another dimension of interest and personal style to your space, especially if you choose them yourself. 

The Poster Store is home to posters and frames all inspired by Scandinavian design. In fact, the high-quality prints Poster Store has on offer are all printed using high quality and sustainably produced paper in Stockholm. With stylish and affordable posters and frames, you can create your own space with their large selection of pictures of different themes and categories for every taste, which is extended by a weekly new collection every Tuesday. 

Their site is made so that you can seamlessly design your own gallery wall in whatever style and colour palette you wish. Plus, they have their own hand-picked collections to help you along the way.

Check out here their Scandi inspired Mindfulness collection: 

Reed in the Wind Poster

Admire the soothing nature poster and imagine the sounds of the beautiful reed grass blowing in the wind.


Close Poster

A poster to suit any gallery of prints, this simplistic illustration of two people meeting is compatible with anyone and anything.


Riverbed Poster

The beige theme of the Mindful Collection aid in producing organic and natural tones. This close up of a riverbed is particularly beautiful and the snakeskin-like pattern makes for a natural illusion.


Always Kiss me Goodnight Poster

Like a handwritten note, this poster adds a loving and playful side to your bedroom wall. 


Sand Poster

A poster such as this adds a pleasant texture to your room. The close up of ripples in the sand, created whenever the wind blows over the surface, is a token reminder of the sounds and feelings of the beach. 


And, if the Poster Store wasn’t affordable enough, they are offering an exclusive discount, especially for HOLR readers. The code HOLR35 will give you a 35% discount on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). Not compatible with other discount campaigns and valid for one month.