Elizabeth Taylor once said: “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”. In the case that is David Yurman Designer Jewellery, this seems more relevant than ever. The company was founded by a family trio, consisting of David Yurman, his wife Sybil, and son Evan Yurman. Together they built a brand that displays luxury, cutting-edge designs, and innovative craftsmanship. It’s not your average looking jewellery pieces. 

The luxury jewellery brand has now introduced an Amulet builder, giving you the opportunity to play designer by having a personalized digital experience. You go onto the website scroll down to the “Build your own amulet necklace” slide and start clicking away, selecting your options. Its 2 simple clicks away, and voila you have designed your own necklace. 1st step requires you to choose the type of necklace you would like and then selecting the amulet you would like, they take it a step further, allowing you to customize the colour/design of your chain, the amulet design gets further detailed customization too, you can select diamond details, rough or clean edges, the options are just endless and it will definitely feel like you’re a designer in a sims game. It’s really a cool function and just adds a more personal touch to your jewellery. 

The brand was quick to understand and realize that everyone is unique, and personal style is what most buyers strive for. This new tool allows users to create unique pieces that highlight self-expression and personal style with hundreds of design possibilities. One thing I can confirm is that the options are exciting, in fact, I found myself scanning through all the options before finally deciding, there are 40 signature chains to choose from that range in style (cable, box, wheat) and metals (gold, yellow gold, rose gold, gold accents.  You can select up to 7 amulets from the new collection for the minimalist or maximalist style they are going for (with the choice of over 350 amulets total). Fyi, insiders secret,  a bracelet building option might be dropping this month too. So, keep your fingers ready.