Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda are all back on HBO Max, in the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That, and they’re not wearing pandemic attire!

Image Credit: IMDB

The very anticipated 10-episode series premiered with two episodes this past Thursday, with the remaining eight half-hour episodes premiering weekly on subsequent Thursdays.

The HBO Max series follows three of the classic show’s four main characters – Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York. We watch as they navigate life, love, and friendship while living in their 50s. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are back in their original roles, but Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones, is absent from this installment of the franchise.

With the surprise of no Samantha Jones, what other surprises could arise throughout the series? Of course, the fashion throughout the series will be jaw-dropping, just like every other Sex And The City installment. Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda have removed their COVID-19 pandemic loungewear and are giving major inspiration and motivation for everyone else to do the same!

One thing that is clear based on the first two episodes is that the city is still alluring but the sex is more peripheral. Carrie is now the “cisgender woman” on a podcast whose younger co-hosts make her feel like a fuddy-duddy. The closest thing to intimacy that Charlotte has in her life is when her husband, Harry, pees while she’s on the phone in the bathroom. The only one getting it on in Miranda’s household is her teenage son, whose contraceptives she keeps finding on his bedroom floor.

There are bittersweet moments as well, like seeing Stanford Blanch (Willie Garson) who unfortunately lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, does make an appearance in the reboot. Stanford Blanch appears to be quickly written off by episode four but thankfully he was able to make an appearance before his passing.

If you thought you would be experiencing a frothy, fun, and humorous show, you were unfortunately wrong. If you were hoping to escape the hardships of the world into a dimension of fashion and sex, you are about to have a Cosmo thrown in your face. Spoiler Alert! Mr. Big dies after a workout in the first episode.

The fun and silly Sex And The City that we are used to has changed quite a bit, but you will still have some good laughs – especially with all the callbacks to the original series.

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and maybe hide under your blanket during the especially cringy parts!

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