CAUTION: Spoliers for Selling the OC Season 3 ahead!

Allegations surrounding Tyler Stanaland from Netflix’s Selling the OC are circulating online following the latest Season 3 release.

Tyler and Sean Fight

The latest season of Selling the OC is here and it brought all the drama!

At the center of it in the show’s finale is Tyler Stanaland, who seemingly gets into an altercation with fellow real estate agent Sean Palmieri, in the series finale.

During a conversation with Ali and Alexandra Jarvis in episode 8, Sean explains that he and Tyler used to be friends, so much so that Tyler would constantly message Sean. Sean also alleges that they hung out multiple times a week and Tyler would cook him dinners. It also reportedly got to a point where Tyler started sending him liquor gifts to his house. “I think he had a crush on Sean,” claims Alexandra Jarvis in the scene. “Tyler is very strange,” alleges Sean.

This is showcased in the following clip, posted by user @ashleyvera__ on TikTok, below:


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Tyler and Sean

Apparently, when Sean alleged that Austin- another agent- was reportedly getting “touchy-feely” with him, Tyler became “obsessed with that topic” apparently alleging that Austin was “in the closet” and that Austin and his wife Lisa gave him “swinger vibes.” Sean claims that Tyler and Tyler’s friends alleged Austin was supposedly “experimenting” as well.

Tyler and Sean Fight Selling OC

During episode 8, Sean confronts Tyler during a group setting and alleges that Tyler sent him multiple text message paragraphs and heart emojis, as well as gifts, seemingly insinuating that Tyler may have been sending him mixed signals- allegedly. “He’s so controlling, he’s so rude,” alleges Sean in the clip, referencing the supposed lengthy text messages.  Tyler denies claims that sending heart emojis was anything more than him just being friendly, as he once considered Sean a friend. However, the pair have since seemingly had a falling out.

During the group scene, the two continue to have a verbal interaction with one another, yelling profanities at each other in the dramatic season finale. Sean allegedly has some inconsistencies involving a story about Austin and his wife Lisa which leads to some of his friends in the office seemingly losing trust in him.

“I didn’t want things to end like this, man,” states Sean to Tyler in the finale.

It has been reported that both Sean and Tyler have left the Oppenheim Group.

Now- there is no concrete evidence to support claims that Tyler is gay- this is all speculation based on rumors stemming from the latest season drop. What do you think about these alleged claims involving Tyler and Sean from Selling the OC? 

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