“Hailey Flagged My Video” Jeffree Star Shades Hailey Bieber

Jeffree star hopped up to the mic on the ‘Chicks In Office’ Podcast where he shared his true feelings about Hailey Bieber and her brand, Rhode Skin.

‘Rhode Pest Control’


Jeffree Star interview out at midnight! @jeffreestar

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In this clip, we see Star talking about someone from Hailey’s team flagging his review of her brand, Rhode Skin.

Hailey Bieber Or someone on her team did flag my video and TikTok was very sweet to be like ‘What why?’ and then they brought her back,” Star recalls, the hosts of the podcast then lead into talking about having a list of celebrity-made brands and the review Jeffree made about Rhode Skin products.

“Rhode being at the top of the list because we saw that it was recorded and you weren’t a fan of it,” The host said, Jeffree took the opportunity to throw a bit of shade at Bieber by asking the follow-up question, “Have you used Rhode Pest Control- I mean skincare.” 

Is Rhode Skin Jeffree Star Approved?

Star took to TikTok to upload his review of the products and to be as blunt as ever, he did not hold back.


Trying out #rhodeskin by the bully & mean girl @haileybieber 🥱 #skincare #jeffreestar #selenagomez

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“Trying out #rhodeskin by the bully & mean girl @haileybieber,” Star captioned the TikTok, jumping right into the review.

As for the ‘review’ itself, Jeffree did nothing but shade Bieber the whole time.

“The packaging is so boring and then I open it up and girl… it literally looks like she wants to die,” He says, talking about the presentation of the packaging.

“When you’re privileged and you use daddy’s money and never worked a day in your life, I guess this is what we’re doing,” He adds on.

He ends the review by then throwing the products in the garbage stating

“In this house, we are team Selena and we are ‘team not bullying anyone’, so we’re going to skip today’s review.” 

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