What happened with the Disney On Ice Injury Minneapolis Video? HOLR breaks it down.

Disney On Ice Beauty and the Beast Injury

According to this YouTube video posted by WCCO – CBS Minnesota, a Disney on Ice performer fell during a Beauty and the Beast number, in which injuries reportedly left the skater in critical condition, as outlined in this related article.

Disney On Ice Belle Injury

Disney On Ice Injury Minneapolis Video

The skater- 31-year-old Anastasia Olson- was seemingly injured while playing Belle in the Magic in the Stars program. She allegedly fell after being lifted into the air by a fellow performer who was portraying the Beast. Olson was reportedly transported to the hospital to treat her injuries.

Disney On Ice Belle Injury

The remaining performers supposedly kept going after Olson fell in an attempt to continue the routine.

Disney On Ice Injury Minneapolis Video

In the above video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) by user @CrazyFnVideos, the footage shows Olson seemingly seizing after the fall.

The caption in the above post reads:

“The beast stumbled into the side during a lift and dropped Belle on the ice. She immediately started seizing and was carried out on a stretcher. Anyone hear if she’s ok?”

As far as we know, Olson is currently in critical condition following the fall.

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Image Credit: @stasiaolson Instagram