New text messages have reportedly been leaked that are supposedly from Jackie who was a contestant on Love is Blind. 

A TikTok video has surfaced discussing new alleged receipts from Jackie supposedly claiming that her ex-fiancé, Marshall, allegedly called her a tr**ny.


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Love is Blind Season 4

Jackie and Marshall got engaged in the pods, sight unseen, on the latest season of Love is Blind on Netflix. The two had a rocky relationship which ultimately ended after Jackie told Marshall she would be leaving him. Jackie then decided to give her relationship with Josh, another castmate, a try. The two have since moved in together after Jackie’s breakup with Marshall.

Jackie Love is Blind Leaked Texts New

In the above TikTok video, it looks like Jackie is talking to one of the producers on the show about how Marshall said a transphobic comment, allegedly calling her the “T” word. In the text messages, she also claims that she doesn’t like how “Marshall keeps telling people our business.”

Jackie allegedly also told Micah about the transphobic slur Marshall allegedly directed towards her. The TikTo then reveals some text messages where Jackie reportedly says she’s getting death threats.

As mentioned here, this is what Jackie said about the incident at the reunion as noted here.“It happened off-camera when we were filling out the marriage certificate. He had called me a derogatory name and we fought about it and he left for three days. I think what it was was it was a bad joke. It was one of those where we were joking, but it just came off as bad.”

Love is Blind Reunion

Jackie did not attend the reunion in person, opting to attend virtually alongside Josh. The pair were interviewed by Vanessa Lachey and Jackie mentioned that Marshall made a comment about her. Marshall then tried to clear things up during the reunion by saying this is how it went down:

“There’s a difference between joking with someone and being able to move on from it if there is a pressure point,” said Marshall as mentioned here. When referring to the comment, he stated that he told Jackie the following: “You got a strong jawline. I mean, like, you could’ve been a man for all I know.”

He confirmed he did not specifically use the derogatory comment Jackie claims he used.

Here’s what people had to say in the comment section of the above TikTok video, about the new receipts from Jackie, addressing the pair and the incident that allegedly occurred:

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