Drake Bell reportedly struggled with suicide thoughts before his disappearance on Wednesday, following a disagreement with his divorced wife.

Image Credit: Instagram/drakebell

According to recordings obtained by TMZ Friday, an Orlando, Fla., police officer called 911 to report that a “celebrity who had a falling out with his wife” had been messaging his family in California stating he was going to “get drunk and hang himself.”

The unnamed person’s phone was pinged by police, who claimed to have become involved after learning of the “possible attempted suicide” from the relatives; the call was returned to an Orlando hotel.

Despite the fact that Bell’s name was never mentioned in the tape, TMZ correctly recognized the Nickelodeon star as the individual the officer was referring to.

Image Credit: Instagram/drakebell

On Thursday, the Daytona Beach Police Department posted on Facebook that the actor, 36, was missing and “endangered.” This prompted the search for him.

Bell was reportedly spotted hanging out with his little son and ex wife the day before he vanished at SeaWorld in Orlando. At the theme park, an onlooker who identified himself as a fan told TMZ that the actor appeared “nice,” “soft-spoken,” and “fine.”

However, according to authorities, Bell vanished later, at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, and was last seen in the vicinity of a high school in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Drake later addressed the situation on social media, asking, “You leave your phone in the car and don’t answer for the night, and this?” after he was discovered to be safe and sound on Thursday afternoon.

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