Although Found and Safe, Drake Bell Cause’s Concern After Making Worrying Comments and Decisions

Drake Bell is back in the spotlight this week after causing some concern over some comments and decisions he’s made since he’s gone missing.

Since the actor’s time away from the iconic sitcom, Drake and Josh, he has gained a couple of charges under his belt.

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In 2016, Bell was arrested and sentenced to 96 hours for a DUI. His most recent offence was in 2021 where he was granted child endangerment charges after having relations with an underage fan.

Since then, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the star.

Gone Missing/ Worrying Statements

Weeks ago, Daytona Police Forces made a post on Facebook claiming the ex-nickelodeon star has been pronounced missing and gave information on his whereabouts. A few hours later in the day, a statement was made that he had been found and had been cooperating with police.

A week after his disappearance it was reported that Bell’s wife had filed for divorce. 

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Twitter trolls have infiltrated Bell’s Twitter which he has had no issues replying back to, most of the comments have been made on his recent offence.

The Twitter user tweeted, ‘hadn’t they canceled this one for being a pedophile?’

To which Bell replied with, ‘Stoooppppp I am NOT!!!! Fu*k you all I swear to god!!!!!’

Curtosey Of TMZ

This now deleted reply is what worried a lot of people.

Bell replied to another user calling him a sex offender,

“Do a second of research. This is what I have to live with everyday they are literally going to kill me. Blood on their hands…”

Caught Red Handed

Reported by TMZ, Drake Bell was seen outside his Los Angeles home, inhaling ‘nitrous oxide’ out of a balloon. In the pictures, it is clear to be Bell, with a balloon in hand and a canister.

Image Credit: The Image Direct

Image Credit: The Image Direct

TMZ has asked Bell’s rep for a statment to the photos, they declined.

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