As the ‘6ix God’ of Toronto, Drake certainly knows all the best spots in the city for mouth-watering food. So keep reading to see how you can wine and dine like Champagne Papi! 

Drake at a restaurant

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Joso’s Restaurant 

Joso's Interior

Image Credit: Open Table

Location: 202 Davenport Rd

This luxury eatery is one of Drake’s go-to seafood restaurants! It’s well-known for its dishes such as the cuttlefish ink pasta and risotto nero, which are apparently to die for.

Take Care Album Cover art - Shot at Joso's

Image Credit: Spotify

Do you recognize the colorful interior of Joso’s? Well it’s because the restaurant served as the cover art for Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care. Joso’s is a hotspot for celebs as it has attracted other A-listers like Mariah Carey and Mick Jagger! 

Drake at Joso's

Image Credit: jososrestaurant / Instagram

Sotto Sotto 

Sotto Sotto Restaurant

Image Credit: Sotto Sotto

Location: 120 Avenue Rd.

Next on our list is none other than the renowned up-scale Italian restaurant Sotto Sotto. In the song Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music featuring Jay-Z, Drake raps: “After hours of Il Mulino or Sotto Sotto, just talkin’ women and vino.” If you wish to create some midnight memories chatting up ladies and sipping on some wine just like Drake, then it’s time to book a reservation to Sotto Sotto ASAP!

Drake at Sotto Sotto

Image Credit: fyimusicnews

The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory

Image Credit: The Cheesecake Factory

Location: 3401 Dufferin St, North York. 

OK OK we admit – while this restaurant might not be located exactly in Toronto, it still remains as a top rated food spot for the artist. In fact, Drizzy has written some iconic bars about the eatery in the song Child’s Play. Specifically, he raps, “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake? You know I love to go there!”  

Did you know? The Cheesecake Factory began first as a bakery business in 1972 which later evolved to become the beloved international chain restaurant that it is today. We love to go there too, Champagne Papi. 

Child's Play Music Video

Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight

416 Snackbar

416 Snack Bar

Image Credit: Toronto Life

Location: 181 Bathurst St.

If you’re looking for a food spot in Toronto that serves yummy Asian-inspired bite-size portions and insta-pic worthy drinks – look no further. With a stellar 4.5 rating on Google reviews, it’s no wonder why this restaurant gets the stamp of approval from 6ix God himself. The best-known meals at the restaurant include tasty dishes like the Eggplant Sangwich Doubledown and the Reuben Sandwich. Drizzy has been spotted grabbing a bite to eat at this snack bar on quite a few occasions and we can’t blame him! 

Drake at 416 Snack Bar

Image Credit: Elle Canada

Which Drake-approved restaurant are you most looking forward to dining at? 

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