What are the biggest regrets about his career?

According to PageSix, the rapper has recently opened up about his biggest career regrets: name-dropping ex-girlfriends in his songs and calling out other rappers.

In a recent episode of Moody Conversations, Drake looked back on his lyric choices throughout his career and acknowledges some big regrets he currently has. One of them is mentioning his ex-girlfriend’s names in some of his songs. “I think that, and sometimes when I’ve said girls’ names in songs, maybe those are the two things that I look back on and I’m like, ‘Maybe I could’ve done without, like, sh–ing on people for age or disrupting somebody’s life,’”, the rapper mentioned.

Drake performs at Wireless festival in Finsbury Park, London in 2015.


Although the lyrics were ”never with ill intent”, Drake confessed that he had been once confronted by an ex-girlfriend about it. “The lyrics are never with ill intent, but I had somebody tell me one time, ‘You know, it’s not necessarily what you’re saying about me, it’s the fact that you said it,'”, the ”Hotline Bling” rapper added. ‘You know, it’s not necessarily what you’re saying about me, it’s the fact that you said it,'”, Drake had been told by the woman.

The confessions sparked some fan responses on Twitter.

Tweet about Drake opening up on name-calling.

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Some fans were congratulating Drake for acknowledging how he might have ”disrupted” lives, while others remained critical.

Tweet about Drake opening up on name-dropping.

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In his 2021 song ”Mr. Right Now”, Drake name-dropped celebrities such as Rihanna, SZA, and Jennifer Lopez. Some other songs in which Drake drops ex-girlfriends’ names are Club Paradise and Soft For Me.

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Earlier this year, Drake exceeded 75 billion streams on Spotify and in 2019 he was labeled the most streamed artist of this decade on Spotify.

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