Machine Gun Kelly Name Drops Jack Harlow In New Disstrack

When it comes to Machine Gun Kelly making new freestyles, it’s bound to be the talk of conversation. For instance, back in 2018, ‘Rap Devil’ was released, a freestyle by Eminem. The two rappers have a current ongoing beef with each other which has resulted in many diss tracks and many snide indirect comments during press interviews.

Image Credit: Universal Music Group

It seems MGK has a new victim these days, in his newest freestyle mentions ‘Jackman’ which is the name of Jack Harlows newest album.

“I see why they call you Jackman / You jacked man’s whole swag, give Drake his flow back, man / I eat rappers like Pac Man / Must I regurgitate and show you who’s in my stomach from the last dance,” MGK added in his freestyle.

His freestyle is up on Youtube called, ‘Renegade Freestyle.’ For the Jack Harlow diss, the timestamp is 1:20.

It seems that MGK is implying that Jack Harlow is ‘jacking’ Drake’s flow.

This alleged beef has come as a surprise to many. Jack Harlow and MGK were seemingly good friends back in the day, Kelly even jumped on Harlow’s song, ‘Whats Poppin”.

Why Is MGK Dissing Jack Harlow?

According to COMPLEX, the reason for MGK dissing Harlow is for comments Jack made on Eminem. As mentioned above, MGK and Eminem have a long history which is not positive, to say the least.

Harlow claimed he was “the hardest white boy since Eminem” on his new track, ‘They Don’t Love It.’

Clearly, MGK has some hard feelings against the rapper.

Published By: HOLR Magazine