Drake hits Spotify milestone and becomes the first-ever rapper to hit 75 billion plays on Spotify- and he wants a sizable check! See why he demands artists get paid like athletes.

Drake’s Spotify milestone

As noted in this article, as of Thursday, February 2nd, Drake has surpassed 75 billion streams on Spotify and is now the first person in history to achieve this celebration-worthy feat. Prior to this accomplishment, he was named the most streamed artist of the decade in 2019 and hit 50 billion total streams back in January 2021.

Solidarity with fellow artists

Drake's Instagram Story

Drake tagged Spotify in his Instagram story. Image source: @champagnepapi

Drake reacted to his historic achievement by urging Spotify to pay artists the same way athletes like LeBron are paid.

Drake Songs

The Canadian rapper, known widely for his biggest singles “One Dance” and “God’s Plan“, posted his reaction on his Instagram @champagnepapi, saying that if artists get bonuses equal to what athletes get then it would “motivate the future artists to be consistent and competitive.”

Drake’s message is an important one in this era of music streaming. As reported by Complex.com, artists who have not enjoyed as much fame as Drake commonly struggle to make profitable income on Spotify and similar platforms.

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Drake as he appears on God's Plan

Drake as he appears in his music video God’s Plan. Image credit: YouTube/Vevo.