Collagen has been widely discussed in recent years and has been popularized due to its abundance of health benefits for the body and the skin. Both men and women alike have been keen on incorporating collagen in their daily lives to help improve the health of their skin, hair, and body and have consumed the star ingredient in many forms.


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But what exactly is collagen? And why is it so useful? To start, collagen exists naturally within us and is the most common protein found in our bodies. Composing anywhere between 25 to 35 percent of all protein within the human body, collagen is essential for our skin, bones, hair, nails, cartilage, ligaments, muscle tissue, and tendons. It is essential to our bodies and is acts as the “glue” that holds our bodies together!

The body produces an ample amount of collagen in order to support necessary health functions within our systems; however, collagen production decreases as we age. Furthermore, lack of collagen affects the skin, weakens bones and joints, and may promote certain diseases. This is why many people turn towards collagen supplements as they age to enhance health benefits both internally and externally.

Consuming collagen for health benefits can come in many different forms. The most common forms of consumption exist in digestible pills, as well as collagen in powder form. The latter is used very flexibly in meals, such as adding the powder in smoothies, morning breakfasts, and even coffee. Furthermore, collagen on the market is sold into two different types – marine collagen, derived from fish, and bovine collagen, which is derived from beef.

Here are some of the many health benefits of consuming collagen.

Improves Skin Heath

Collagen plays a significant factor in our skin health. When consumed, the ingredient strengthens the skin, as well as increases elasticity and hydration. Additionally, taking collagen also helps prevent the skin from ageing and reduces the formation of wrinkles. A study has tested these health benefits for the skin, using a 12 week period with women implementing a collagen supplement daily, and resulted in great success, among several other studies.

Helps Relieve Joint Pain

Collagen helps maintain the state of the body’s cartilage, which is the rubber-like tissue that helps protects our joints. The ingredient helps prevent degenerative joint disorders such as osteoarthritis as we age due to a decrease in collagen production. Additionally, many athletes are known for taking collagen supplements to aid in joint injuries.

Improves Hair Care

Hair growth involves three main components – essential minerals, keratin, and collagen. The ingredient is essential to the maintenance of healthy hair and helps prevents hair from becoming brittle, decreases hair breakage, as well as falling out.

Helps Heal Wounds

Since collagen plays a significant role in the maintenance and production of the skin, collagen can also help skin heal by replacing damaged or lost skin cells. Collagen supplementation can help speed up the healing process of bruises, small cuts, and abrasions.

Reduces Inflammation

Collagen helps relieve chronic inflammation in various parts of the body, notably in the joints and bones, by promoting the growth of connective tissues. Connective tissue growth facilitated by collagen can help maintain strong joints and reduces friction that can lead to inflammation and pain.

There are many health benefits to be reaped by incorporating collagen in our day-to-day. Incorporating a collagen supplement will ultimately help you look and feel better!

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