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As the famous adage says, diamonds are forever. Diamonds are among the most desired gems in the world, owing to their rarity and value. These gems signify strength, power, health, and undying devotion. Jewelers value diamonds because of the diligent craftsmanship that it undergoes before it showcases their beauty. Buyers acquire diamonds because of their value, which also helps seal the deal when you’re proposing to your special someone. 

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. However, not all diamonds are made equal, so it still pays to do due diligence when acquiring a piece of diamond jewelry. One must look into different factors about the diamond before buying it, lest they have buyer’s remorse. 

Here are some factors to consider when buying diamonds.


One of the things you have to look into is the size. The heavier the diamond, the better it is in terms of size. If you’re having difficulty determining the actual size, you can always use a diamond carat size chart for guidance. The tool would give you an idea about the diamond’s size and carat based on its weight and dimensions. 


When it comes to diamonds, the clearer the color, the higher the value it holds. Diamonds are known to come in different colors, so if you have the option to buy a gem that’s as colorless as it gets, expect to pay a premium because it’s considered rarer and more valuable. Colorless diamonds sparkle when light passes through the stone, making them more desirable, as lower-graded diamonds cannot produce the same effect. 


You also have to see if the diamond is flawless. The clearer the diamond surface is, the higher the value. Scratches, small cracks, chips, and blemishes naturally occur in diamonds, so if you can find a gemstone that doesn’t have these imperfections, you would expect to pay a lot more. 


Perhaps the most critical aspect of the 4Cs, the diamond cut will affect how the gem will sparkle. A perfectly cut diamond will reflect light and allow internal refraction that creates the dazzling sparkle that the gems are known for. A nicely cut diamond would reflect light not from the sides and the bottom but from the top.  

If you’re in the market for diamonds, look for round-cut diamonds because it gives the optimum reflection. Oval, princess, and emerald cuts are also desired, but they usually provide a decreased level of reflection.  


You must also look into the facets of the diamond and find out if they’re symmetrical. If you want to pay a premium for your gemstone, you have to look at how symmetrical the facets are because it also affects the ability of the diamond to reflect light. 


You also have to look at how smooth or rough the surface of the diamond presents itself. Lesser valued diamonds typically have rough surfaces due to mishandling of the polishing wheel. Pristine diamonds would be smoother and would command a higher price. 


If you’re looking to buy diamonds, you have to consider various factors. These considerations significantly affect the value and appearance of the gemstone. 

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