Dubai Porta Potty Reddit

Warning: This article contains elements which are disturbing by nature so proceed with caution.

A story that went viral on Reddit last year has resurfaced again after making the rounds on social media in 2022. The Dubai Porta Potty story refers to an anonymous woman who expressed that when she was in Dubai she engaged in some revolting activities with men that resulted in her being paid roughly $40,000. Essentially, the job entailed her being covered in human feces and some people on Twitter allege that one of the videos shows the girl accepting the human feces in her mouth.

Dubai porta potty video reddit

The anonymous woman, dubbed the “Dubai Porta Potty” stated that she went on holiday to Dubai for a weekend when her friend who lives there who is a high-end escort brought the opportunity to her. The friend connected her with wealthy individuals in Dubai who wanted to engage in a manner of physical relations with her from sexual to more depraved ones, which led to her now online moniker.

Dubai Porta Potty Reddit

The video clips of the alleged “job” were circulating online but they are NSFW and disturbing to watch. The woman also stated that after her first weekend working where she earned $40,000, the same friend approached her for another weekend getaway in St Barths. It is unclear if it was the same clientele from Dubai but she alleged that she was once again paid $40,000 and that all of her expenses on the trip were covered as well. When asked about the incidents, it is reported that she said that she would do it again because the money amounts to the same for one weekend as what some people make in a year.

On the Reddit thread, which can be read here, there is another user that claims that a woman he knows did this too. She apparently bought her boyfriend a luxury car with the money but once he found out how she amassed her wealth he left her.  While people online questioned the validity of this story, the videos that were circulating at the time of the story going viral, led people to believe that this has happened before.

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