Elon Musk Leaks Twitter Burner Account, Twitter Users Discover His Screen Name

Twitter users conduct their own investigation after Twitter CEO, Elon Musk shares a tweet leaking a possible burner account.

Musk sent out a tweet explaining subscription settings, although Twitter users didn’t pay much mind to the tweet itself, and instead found interest in the top right corner of the photo.

In the photo, you can see another icon in the top right, which means Musk has a second Twitter account.

The Search Begins

The photo was shared online which led the search to commence. User’s searched for the account based on the profile picture.

Unsurprisingly, the account was found.

Allegedly, Musk’s burner account username is @ErmnMusk.

After reviewing the account, the account has been up since November of 2022, which is around the time that Elon took control of Twitter.

Disturbing Discoveries

The tweets have raised a few eyebrows online, users find the account to be extremely disturbing, claiming that Musk has the burner account to roleplay as a child.

For instance, a tweet was sent out claiming that he [Elon] will be turning 3 on May 4th.

Twitter Reacts

Users have shared their thoughts online about this recent discovery and have spread the word overnight.

Published By: HOLR Magazine