As with any new beginning, there is a sense of renewal, wonder, and innocence migrating around the collective. There are individuals who will take this opportunity to make their dreams a reality, pushing past their fears, allowing themselves to be carried further than ever before, and those that will fall right back into old cycles. The difference this time is those cycles may be more challenging, and it might feel as though everything is working against you. This is in an effort to force you to try another way. Don’t resist it, and allow yourself to just move with the tides. Trust in the process.

Take a good look at everything you have around you and recall those moments when you felt most clear and you had a vision of everything working out. Hold that vision and remember, the old must dissolve before the new can enter. Take time to breathe, and before allowing the panic to take over, ask yourself, “Is this me, or is this my fear?” Continue forward, or choose again. This awareness will take you far, and in no time things will look just as they did in your dream. And perhaps this time, even better.


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I am calm. I am free. I have everything I need.


Take a breath and try again.